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You Should Check Out Scott McPartland's Attica, Kansas Video Remaster From 2004

Scott McPartland is a New York based storm chaser who has as good a storm chasing resume` as anyone out there over the last two decades. He's been uploading some of his most classic weather and storm chasing videos to his YouTube channel over the past year or so, which you should definitely peruse on the next cold, rainy weekend.

His most recent upload was too good not to share with you all - a remaster/high definition upscale of his video from the May 12th, 2004 tornado outbreak in Harper County, Kansas. Scott's video of a house being destroyed near the town of Attica was commonplace on national networks and severe weather documentaries for the next decade. Now, you can relive the entire storm chase with some additional context from Scott 20 years after that wild day.

Scott McPartland's May 12th, 2004 Harper, Kansas Tornado Outbreak Video:

Here's Scott's YouTube Channel - you'll want to subscribe.


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