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Up in the Clouds: Recon in Gulf, Gorilla Hail, Earthshine, more…

It's back in the 50s in New York. I have a gyro on the way. Christmas lights are on, and a cult doc on Netflix. Vibes are off the charts in here.

Here's What's Up...☁️


You know it's for real when the birds go up. Hurricane Hunters patrolling the gulf as our East Coast rager gets underway:

It's worth poking around: record high (and low) pressures possible on either side of the storm:

And any extra details we can put into the models, sure. Might be important to like...half the population of the country or something?



Chasers getting into a Gorilla Hail quote train, because why not:



I saw this first, but wasn't prepared for where it went:

Yikes...thinking of folks impacted there...



And finally, "Earthshine" popping up as my new favorite word:



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