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Two Years Ago Today - Dusty Tornado + Big Hail at Palmer, Iowa

Two years ago today Colin Davis and I made the trip to northwest Iowa (well, we made the trip the night before, got lucky and scored a cheap room at the West Des Moines Sheraton and woke up in the target area) and documented a cluster of supercells, the first of which produced a big, dusty EF-2 tornado near the towns of Palmer and Gilmore City, Iowa.

We later sheltered under a gas station canopy in Gilmore City as golfball to baseball sized hail fell from a new supercell thunderstorm moving over town. Lightning illuminated supercells took us through dusk on what was easily my best ever chase in the state of Iowa.

Relive the entire adventure with my long-form storm chasing VLOG from the day:

More photos and radar from the day:


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