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Tornadoes Touch Down Across Illinois & Wisconsin on Thursday

Questions about moisture quality and sufficient instability were answered early Thursday evening as several intense low-topped supercells produced a few tornadoes across northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. Tonight's tornado(es) in the Wisconsin is (are) the first ever in Wisconsin during the month of February. Leave it to a 2% tornado risk on a marginal risk day to make history.

Here are some of my early favorites from storm chasers & residents from Thursday evening:

Spooky video from resident Kathy Thomas of Evansville, Wisconsin:

Storm chaser (Rookie of the YEAR 2023 storm chaser, I'll have you) Sierra Lindsey with the hallowed supercell + snow photo!

Veteran Wisconsin storm chaser and photographer Tom Purdy captured this powerflash illuminated tornado near Albany, Wisconsin:

Dan Robinson made the trip north from St. Louis and caught the dusty tornadic circulation beneath the big bowl near Henry, Illinois.

Another shot of the Illinois tornado near Henry from Richard Sample:

Long-time friend and Illinois storm chaser shared this photo of a beautiful twilight supercell updraft near Peoria, Illinois:

And then of course, never to be outdone, Chicago photographer extraordinaire Nick Ulivieri is holding down the lightning bolt game downtown:


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