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Gas Up Your Boat - We're Going Storm Chasing!

The Storm Prediction Center has a 'marginal risk' (Level 1 out of 5) in place across the Gulf Coast on today's Day One Severe Weather Outlook, but the greater risk for intense thunderstorm activity will be found over water, across the northern Gulf of Mexico.

As a surface low develops near the Louisiana coast mid-day, a warm front will lift slowly northward with it. Widespread rain and cloud-cover will limit northward progression of the warm front over land precluding a greater severe weather risk and potential storm chasing opportunities, but the environment over the Gulf is actually pretty interesting.

That sounding is the total package - plenty of instability and wind shear for supercells and perhaps even a few tornadoes... or in this case, waterspouts? Make no mistake though, any funny business over the Gulf today would be the work of classic severe weather and supercell dynamics.

It's an otherwise cloudy and unremarkable Friday here in the Midwest so I'll at least have one eye on the radar & satellite loops over the Gulf Coast today for a little meteorological eye candy.


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