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CubsWx: vs Astros | April 23-25

The Cubs fire up another home series Tuesday through Thursday against the visiting (and apparently not very hot) Houston Astros. Two 6:40p starts followed by a getaway 1:20p game on Thursday. Like last series, it's the first one with some weather issues to consider. Let's jump in.

An upper-level system is spinning down from Minnesota into Wisconsin this morning, and it's bringing a lot of cool air down with it. As the system sags south, it should drag cold air several thousand feet above the surface (20s or lower) above the relatively warm (50s) surface air to trigger some popcorn shower & thunderstorm development. The Storm Prediction Center has Chicago highlighted for a low-end Severe Thunderstorm Risk (level 1 of 5) for Thursday, mostly with a damaging wind and hail threat. NWS Chicago mentioned a weak/brief tornado threat earlier as well.

Short-range models don't resolve these storms super well, but you can see the suggestion of some popcorn thunderstorms in Northern IL right around gametime from all of the Fv3, HRRR, & NAM 3KM. Maps valid 6pm CT, from

Easiest to spot here on the Fv3 on the left.

These showers and storms will rotate through Northeastern IL through the first hour or so of the game window. They will be hit and miss--you're watching the radar, dodging raindrops for awhile to start. Outside of the potential bad luck of a dead-on hit by one of these smaller storms...rain should remain light. A middle-of-the-road outcome here might be a short delay early. Any rain should rotate right on through, leaving the game window clear enough for baseball, eventually, at least.

Temps should start out in the low 50s, dropping to the mid to low 40s. It will be breezy with variable winds 10-20 with gusts to 25mph. Winds will shift throughout as the system pivots through, starting maybe even out to CF or RF, followed by a shift to out to RF, then finally in from the LF corner by late game.

As for the next two, once again -- Chilly, no drama.

Wednesday, 6:40p: Clear skies, low 40s, wind in from CF 10mph. ((Frost potential Wed night))

Thursday, 1:20p: Sunshine, Low to mid 50s, winds toward LF Corner or in from RF 5-10mph.

After that, the Cubs hop a flight to Boston. By Saturday, we will be watching Chicagoland closely for Severe Weather potential. More on that soon. Let's get some Ws. Let's go Cubs.


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