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CubsWx: Sunday Update | April 7

10:15am: It's going to be sloppy. It's going to be annoying. Little tweaks in exactly how it plays out will make a difference, and I'm not sure what level of patience the teams will have for delaying into the evening. So, with that in mind:

Short-Range models for game start: (NAM3km, HRRR, Fv3) Maps:

Same, for end of game window:

There are a few rounds on the way, some rain will be playable, some is might not be...particularly later in the afternoon. There may be a gap in there where the game could get going, but on and off showers are likely from 12p-5p. The evening shows some clearing, so the decision for the Cubs as well as fans is: how patient and or damp do you want to be today? An above-average good outcome might be a short delay or two. A below-average bad outcome might be decision makers running out of patience. It's annoying. But if you're going to the game, you're crossing your fingers, and making the best of it. Get a beer and see how it goes. Worst case scenario is you have a little fun in Wrigleyville. That's about the attitude to dial in when it comes to the weather today. Coin flip chance of having a bad time, otherwise.

Temps will hover in the upper 40s, winds blowing out to LF/LF Corner/L side 15-20+

Here's what it looks like now (10:17am CT via Radarscope) -- Good luck out there!


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