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CubsWx: Home Opener, Home Coming, and Very Home Weather | April 1-3

The Cubs open their first homestand of the season against Kris Bryant & the Rockies. Hoping for a good salute video from Cubs Productions for Bryant. But Bryant would be wrong to think Wrigley Weather would be so welcoming.

A major storm system will slide up the Ohio Valley into the Great Lakes, while a secondary low forms off the East Coast. Severe Weather on the warm side of the storm; snow on the cold side.

Guess which side Chicago will find itself on April 1-3, 2024?

Monday, 1:20p CT - 43°, Cloudy, chance for rain increasing throughout game, blustery winds in from RF 10-15 gusts to 25mph.

Tuesday, 6:40p - 38°, Chance for rain or snow showers throughout, winds in from CF 10-15 gusting to 25mph.

Wednesday, 6:40p - 37°, chance for bursts of rain or snow throughout, winds in from LF 25-30mph with gusts to 45mph (!)

lol. Chicago in April doing Chicago in April things. If you're surprised, no you aren't.

Welcome home, KB. Welcome home, Cubs. Hope you brought your winter coats & ponchos. 🥶

Opening day seems like the most tolerable, but there could be a delay or a rainout in any of the three games.


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