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Could Monday's Solar Eclipse Birth Storm Chasing's Most Epic Shot?

Sunday 4/7, 1pm ET

If you follow the ways of the weather, you already know. But for the civilians:

Mother nature has the opportunity to christen someone with a shot so rare, it barely computes. A large Slight Risk for severe thunderstorms covers southern OK, much of TX, far SW AR & NW LA. That, of course, is right in the path of the eclipse totality.

So could it happen? Could anyone get "the shot?" I'll define "The Shot" in 3 ways:

1-A: Total Eclipse + Tornado

1-B: Total Eclipse + Supercell

1-C: Total Eclipse + Lightning

Any of these shots would instantly and permanently launch someone into weather twitter lore, lol. It's a dream shot so hallucinatory it probably isn't really on any photographer's radar -- until now.

So -- is it possible?

NAM 12KM at 18z / 1p CT

I'm not a meteorologist, so just sticking to what I would look at as a storm chaser. Moisture in place and surging northward, check. A little bit of a disturbance, kinda. We are a little too early at 1pm. Fast flow overhead: right on the nose of it.

Let's check on Short-Range models:

It doesn't look like there is any obvious reason for The Shot to exist within the totality. We're just a little early for totality on some of the more potent overlapping of moisture and upper level jet and the low level response that will eventually kick in. Maybe on the very edge of totality east of Waco is about the most likely place as the moisture surges north. But the timing seems just a little out of sync.

This is probably a good thing, with public safety a big concern. It's a big part of NWS Fort Worth's messaging on this event this morning, with an emphasis on the threat ramping up immediately post-eclipse.

So maybe the ultimate shot is highly unlikely, but could you have the ultimate day, seeing both totality and a tornado?

Here's the 12km NAM at 03z.

70º dewpoints make it into North Texas. Strongest part of the jet overhead. Low level response beginning to really ramp up (stronger by 06z).

So, while the ultimate shot looks highly unlikely (I'm still rooting for you tho...) the ultimate day is looking like it's in play. Hopefully by the tornado portion of the evening, the crowds have gone home and are in a good spot to ride out storms.

I will be producing Fox Weather's eclipse coverage from the control room 12p-4p ET, so no cool shadows for me, but we'll have all the live shots from all over the place. Stay safe out there, & cheers to a rare and memorable Eclipse Day, wherever you are.


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