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Connor Healey & Summer Ashley's Video of the Clarksville, TN Tornado is Incredible

An EF-3 tornado cut a 43 mile path across Montgomery, Todd, and Logan Counties in northern Tennessee on Saturday, December 9th causing significant damage in the city of Clarksville, unfortunately causing 6 fatalities and 80+ injuries.

Storm chasers Connor Healey and Summer Ashley were northbound on Fort Campbell Blvd as the tornado tore into the northwest side of the Clarksville metro.

The video on YouTube begins with the most intense moment as the debris filled tornado approaches and crosses the highway, but you can watch the entire approach, intercept, and some scenes of the devestation beginning several minutes in.

Incredible job by Connor & Summer capturing this out-of-season tornado in a challenging geographic region for chasing storms.

Connor has since shared some of his experience in Clarksville:


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