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Hey, Alex here. Welcome to the SKYDRAMA. 

SKYDRAMA is a blog, and your guide to the geeky, over-caffeinated weather conversations you'd hear in a cluster of storm chasers gathered at a gas station on a muggy afternoon. 
What's happening with the weather, and what are people saying about it? That's what I like to talk, scroll, and think about most. So does the guy who started this here website, meteorologist and Central Illinois folk hero Andrew Pritchard. When we're not chasing, (which is often lol sad) we love to get on Facetime with a hot coffee or crack a beer and go on about the weather and all that rotates around it. We thought you might as well join us. Thus was born SKYDRAMA. It's a username Andrew has used for a long time, and we thought it was fitting here. We are internet-turned-IRL storm chaser buddies. We met in May 2017 and went right into chase mode with our buddy and Andrew's long time chase partner Colin Davis. The three of us have been chasing the sky drama almost every year since. When the chase is over, the conversation and the hype continues. That's what we want to let you in on here. 

Not everyone is a meteorologist, but anyone can be a weather nerd. If you're one, both, or neither, welcome. Toss your bags in the back, it's a 14 hour drive to Kansas. We'll fill you in as we go. 

Andrew Pritchard is a meteorologist with a focus on weather risk communication based in Champaign-Urbana, IL. You can find him on X here. 

Alex Hall is a weather nerd and Producer at FOX Weather in New York City. You can find him on X here. 

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