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VLOG #44: Work Travel + Winter Gone Wild

So, funny story - I thought I'd actually lost all of the video that I shot on my trip to Ontario last week. The mistake was all mine. I sat down and started editing the video directly from the files that were still on the SD card straight from my camera. I have a new external storage hard drive that I needed to format and setup and just kept putting the 20 second process off for a later time.

Fast forward to me being ready to render my fully curated vlog from the trip, deciding now is the time to setup my new storage drive so I can save my first video of the year to it.

I don't know what happened, but completing the process of formatting the hard drive while the SD card was also still connected to my computer caused the SD card to become unrecognizable. From everything I could see I had totally reformatted the card and lost all of the video files. Not only was the project ruined, the whole trip was gone altogether. I wasn't even mad, just deflated.

Fast forward one more time to this quiet Sunday morning, a gentle snow falling outside. I'm sitting in bed sipping my first cup of coffee and at peace. 72 hours is enough time having passed that I'm emotionally detached from the idea that my files are gone and the video is a wash and I'm ready to try a couple recovery options. I'm going through the motions of the first option that a few friends had sent my way and this process fails. As I'm looking for a workaround, I see it... my SD card being recognized by my computer with it's old name. I click on the drive and everything is there, all of the folders and files including the Ontario trip from last week and all the other old video clips that I need to clean up and archive.

So I opened the ready-to-render project on Premiere Pro and rendered it to the new drive... but not before copying over every single video clip from the SD card.

I think we're good to go now. The weather pattern gets nuts across the Midwest beginning tomorrow with two potential winter storms book-ending the work week and an alleged work travel trip to Austin, Texas in between and this is about the final day that this vlog will be timely!


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