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There Is So Much Good 2000s Tornado Video on YouTube Lately

I spent a lot of the late-winter and early spring months working on archiving my old MiniDV (and eventually Hi8 and 8mm) videotapes and getting some of my earliest storm chases digitized and onto YouTube. A handful of other veteran storm chasers have been doing the same, and what started out as a slow trickle has turned into a steady feed of incredible late 90s and 2000s storm chasing video onto YouTube.

Long-time chasing greats like Scott Currens, Blake Naftel, and Gabe Garfield have been uploading some of my favorites, but I know there are others out there. I also know our good friend and resident Jarrell, TX expert Angel Escobales Jr. has helped out big time with the digitization process for some folks.

At any rate, I'm here for it. I'm not saying I'd willingly go back to them, but those days really felt like the good ole days! There was a lot more reading the sky back then.

Check out some of these classics!

If you missed them, here are a couple of my digitized uploads from earlier in the year:


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