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You Should Check Out The Accumulated Winter Season Severity Index from MRCC

The 2023-24 winter season is off to a mild start across nearly the entire Contiguous U.S. - not completely unexpected given some influence from a moderately strong El Niño event that is expected to peak this winter.

If you haven't seen this map before, you've got to give it a browse. The Midwest Regional Climate Center takes seasonal precipitation/snowfall and temperature data and compares it against a typical winter season for the location with categories spanning from mild to extreme. The chart is called the "Accumulated Winter Season Severity Index", or AWSSI.

You can click on any of these locations and see a time series for the winter season as well. Here's the chart for Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, which is off to a record mild pace through early January.

With a major pattern shift expected across North America over the next 2 weeks delivering arctic air and corridors of accumulating snow it should be fun to check back in on this data in early February!


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