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Iceland Eruption: Sky Drama of the Volcanic Kind?

Look, I'm not a volcanologist or a geologist and am probably the last person that should be writing about this eruption...

... but I know sky drama when I see it.

The eruption occured just north of Grindavik, Iceland, where roughly 4,000 residents had been evacuated after weeks of frequent earthquake activity. I had that live stream up from the helicopter that everyone else was watching and was just blown away. That has to be some of the craziest Earth stuff to ever be streamed live, right?

I'll share a couple of articles below with information from folks who know a lot more about it than I do.

It's wild to me to hear folks say things like "oh we're used to volcanoes, but this was a little intense". The Earth splitting open and turning the sky red with firey rage in the middle of the night would turn my world upside down, but those folks must feel similarly about the notion that we deal with thunderstorms that could reduce our homes to dust every spring.

More on the Iceland volcano:


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