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CubsWx: vs. Mets, June 21-23

It’s been actual hot hot lately in Chicago, including that 97° record high this past Monday, so you’re not surprised to see some heat in the forecast. But hey, this is a good summer forecast for a 3-game series. 1:20p, 1:20p, & 7:10p (🙄) start times.

Friday is a battle of the lake breeze type of day as Southwest winds will be juuust strong enough to keep the lake air from advancing too far west, but Wrigley should be far enough east to feel some of that influence. Not that you’ll notice if you have seats in the sun…but it will take the edge off. Temps in the mid to upper 80s while areas further west breach 90. Light breeze out to CF, until it’s a light breeze in from RF/CF. May wobble back and forth. Note that pool of higher dewpoints to the west..

Maps: College of DuPage

Saturday looks like a good day to hit a 450ft tank. (Ian Happ, perhaps?) That moisture starts to slide into our area, but models hold strong storms at bay until late evening as a cold front crashes down from the northwest. Maybe an isolated storm pops in our area but not too concerned about that. Wind is the big story, shoving out toward CF 15-20 gusting to 30mph. That will also keep the lake air locked up over the water, so we are climbing into the mid 90s by mid-afternoon with humidity on the increase. Not a good game to be in the sunshine if you are heat sensitive.

Sunday night, if you’re at the game in person, will be a dreamcicle. Cooler air prevails in the wake of the cold front, winds shift to blow in from LF corner or across the field to the right side. Look at those dewpoints crash. Temps in the upper/mid 70s. Do this one.

The Mets have this whole Grimace meme going and I hope the Cubs bounce them out of it.

Weather is a little bit of everything good about summer in Wrigley. Let’s go Cubs.


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